Autumn Anchor

Season's of life can be hard.....

You don't have to trudge alone. We can navigate this narrow path together friend.

"May God's lavish grace emanate through my words, softening your heart, comforting your soul like a warm cozy sweater."

Whether your current season is filled with radiant sunshine or blustery cold, there is still room for growth & joy. Learn more about the Autumn Anchor community & what it can offer you during each season of life!



HI I’m Kendra! I’m so delighted you stopped by! Take a gander & get to know me better by reading the About Kendra section. For a more intimate introduction read through my Testimony. Selah!


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Jesus First Minimalist

Pursuing the will of the Father with my eyes fixed on Jesus. Simplicity, intentionality, living with less to pursue furthering His kingdom, while being a light & love to others.

Anchored Arrows

Nurturing our children to remain anchored in Jesus, while cultivating hearts that permeate love, grace, patience, strength, & light to outshine the darkness of this world. .

Beloved Cornucopia

Selfless servitude, contentment, & thanksgiving in marriage, family, & homemaking.

Fit & Faithful

Stewarding well our health; mental, physical & emotional. Sustaining a fervent prayer life & purposefully pursuing daily renewal of our mind.

Healing Harbor

Past sin or failure left your heart shipwrecked? I have been there, I had an abortion. There is hope & forgiveness in Jesus Christ. You are loved! If you are considering, or feel pressured into getting, an abortion please read though my testimony, my letter to my baby, & contact me via email for prayer & support.