• Jesus First Minimalist

    Labor in Vain

    Admitting we have failed, falsely following our flesh, is difficult. We find ourself on the wrong path. That is where I found myself, yet again, this August. As mentioned in my last post Don’t Look Back I admitted how I had found myself drowning in my scrolls of social media once again. To say I was distracted would be an understatement. I was addicted. Scrolling, posting, & liking were a sacrifice. I sacrificed time with my family, prayer, reading God’s word, reading anything, sleep, kisses, hugs, sunshine, exercise, quietness & more all on the alter of Facebook in the pursuit of self promotion & faux inclusion. How could this, Facebook,…

  • Jesus First Minimalist


    Time has passed swiftly, Spring ended & Summer has nearly come & gone. My original intention for Summer was to continue my focus on growth, specifically the fruits of the spirit. My Spring bible study was by Well Watered Women called Planted. Planted focused on planting our roots firmly in Christ. I was ready to grow, to flourish, to bear fruit; Jesus had other plans. Disclaimer: I desire to return to blogging at Autumn Anchor with transparency & honesty. While I am aware some may not agree with what I am about to say now & in writing to come or my future approach. I want you to hear my…