Jesus First Minimalist

Pursuing the will of the Father with my eyes fixed on Jesus. Simplicity, intentionality, living with less to pursue furthering His kingdom, while being a light & love to others.

  • Jesus First Minimalist


    Time has passed swiftly, Spring ended & Summer has nearly come & gone. My original intention for Summer was to continue my focus on growth, specifically the fruits of the spirit. My Spring bible study was by Well Watered Women called Planted. Planted focused on planting our roots firmly in Christ. I was ready to grow, to flourish, to bear fruit; Jesus had other plans. Disclaimer: I desire to return to blogging at Autumn Anchor with transparency & honesty. While I am aware some may not agree with what I am about to say now & in writing to come or my future approach. I want you to hear my…

  • Jesus First Minimalist


    Choose. Daily life is brimming with choices. We choose: what to eat, what to wear, what to do, where to go, when to go, who to go with, what to watch, what to listen too. Psychologists suggest we make nearly 35,000 choices per day, which is equivalent to 2000 choices per hour or one decision every 2 seconds. Were you aware you made that many choices per day? This world is loud with social media, television, music, podcasts, books, traffic, video games, busy schedules, opinions, constant demand for attention, or seeking of worth; it’s deafening. Opinions come in many forms from verbal expression to shouts, how to’s, posts/comments, self-help books…